First Job Youth Development Initiative


WWF and ERS are collaborating as co-hosts for 40 interns per year, over 3 years, in the rural Eastern Cape. The focus of the co-hosting is on providing exposure to and skills for fostering careers rooted in the rural green economy and water security sphere, as part of an Ecofutures programme.

The aim this project is to facilitate healthy catchment actions aimed at restoring and maintaining 1500ha rangeland, including control of 330ha alien plant infestation , to replenish water recharge. An M&E system shall be established to monitor stream flow and silt load, with target indicators for a 3 year period, as well as a citizen science-based monitoring system for regular recording and capturing of data and indicators. The outputs shall be at least six monitoring points with relevant indicators, a user friendly system in place to record and capture monitoring data in field and office respectively, and a developed baseline against which monitoring trends can be tracked in relation to targets.

Mapping exercises for the interns

Another objective of the project is to create employment for 120 youth members (40 each year for 3 years), and to delelop their various skills concerned with the project. The project also aims at fostering partnerships to sustain an active network of effective catchment role players. All activities shall be undertaken under written permission for land access for such a task.

The project shall last a year, and provide the youth with some tuition on the following skills:

The concept of YES support would involve:

The programme has been presented to the Matatiele Local and Alfred Nzo District Municipalities, including the Deputy Mayor of the District, and Youth Affairs portfolio head, with great appreciation for the contribution by First Rand, WWF and ERS towards tackling youth unemployment.