Thabo Sithole - Rangeland Facilitator

Thabo Sithole was born in Matatiele and began his educational journey in the village of Mapfontein. He completed his high school education in Theunissen, a small town in the Free State province. Though naturally shy, he excels in public speaking and problem-solving.

Thabo joined Environmental and Rural Solutions (ERS) in November 2020 as an EcoChamp, where his enthusiasm and dedication quickly became evident. By February 2024, he was promoted to Rangeland Facilitator, reflecting his commitment and growing expertise in the field. Thabo holds a certificate in Holistic Regenerative Land Management, which has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and restore rangelands.

In his role as a Rangeland Facilitator, Thabo is deeply committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment, particularly focusing on rangeland users. He collaborates closely with the Matatiele communities, working tirelessly to prevent damage to the landscape. Thabo engages with local communities to promote the wise use of natural resources, ensuring that everyone understands the importance of sustainable practices.

He also manages various projects and teams, driving them towards achieving conservation goals. His hands-on approach includes conducting fieldwork to implement conservation efforts and collaborating with partners to develop effective strategies. 

Thabo’s passion lies in making a positive impact on the landscape and ensuring its sustainability for future generations. He believes in the power of community involvement and education to create lasting change. His dedication to his work and his community is evident in every project he undertakes, as he strives to create a greener, more sustainable future for all.


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